Kwiziq Affiliates, Partners and Resellers

Kwiziq operates three programmes that allow 3rd parties to earn revenues from our technology. Affiliates and Partners earn a share in Kwiziq revenues for referred users (when they upgrade). Kwiziq resellers can buy licences in bulk at a discount for their students and resell at the list price or build into their existing prices as a value-added offering.

1. Kwiziq Resellers

Our reseller programme was created for Language Schools and Private Language Tutors. Kwiziq resellers buy Premium accounts for their students in bulk at a discount and build them into their pricing (adding an optional premium at their discretion). Kwiziq has unique features for teachers that enable them and their students to take full advantage of AI-powered learning. Kwiziq's automatically marked state-of-the art exercises reduce admin burden, help your students learn up to ten times faster and enable you to get unique insights into their knowledge, learning needs and keep track of their progress.

If you would like find out more, please contact us.

Since Kwiziq's basic user account is free, you can leave it to your students to decide whether to upgrade and yet still earn revenues simply by referring them to us as an Affiliate.

2. Affiliate & Partner Programme

Websites, online schools or education sites (as well as physical schools) can earn up to 25% of net profit on Kwiziq Premium subscriptions originally referred using their code. There is no cap on earnings, so the more users you refer, the more you earn. What's more, since Kwiziq operates a subscription model, each month you earn a profit share on both new upgrades and recurring revenues. These accumulate over time so long as you keep promoting and building traffic:

kwiziq-affiliate-recurring revenues

When affliates refer users to Kwiziq, they are permanently tagged with a unique affiliate code. Users register for a free account, but if they upgrade at any future time affiliates earn a percentage of revenues generated from their subscription.

Kwiziq Partners and Co-branded Sites

If you do well as an Affiliate, Kwiziq may invite you to become a Partner, which offers the additional benefit of a full co-branded site built by Kwiziq in collaboration with you. For example:

If you're interested in becoming a Kwiziq Affiliate or Partner, the first step is to get to know Kwiziq. Sign up for an account (if you haven't already) and do some kwizzing, then click around to see everything we offer. For example, in addition to the features listed on our pricing page, we have a library of grammar lessons and a blog full of French learning tips. Also take a look at our FAQ.

When you're ready, email us at with a link to your site and we'll get back to you right away.


This is v1 of our Affiliate / Partner terms. We reserve the right to change terms, but will be fair if we do so and will give you plenty of notice.

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