Another question concerning pronouncing the 's' of 'plus'


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15 March 2016

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Another question concerning pronouncing the 's' of 'plus'

Hi Laura, similar to Aaron's question, I have a question concerning this example question - I think I have the answer, but needing confirmation, I thought that I would ask you. example: Plus nous sommes généreux, plus les gens nous le rendront. According to the recorded answer the 's' is not pronounced in the first section, however, it is in the second 'plus' is this to avoid confusion between other words, to distinguish that it doesn't infer meaning of 'les gens ne nous le rendront plus' ? It has always seemed intuitive to me that the 's' gets pronounced, but just wanted to confirm thoughts.. thank you for your answer, Tamara

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15 March 2016


Bonjour Tamara !

The sound example was actually wrong, and thanks to you, it's now been fixed! In the expression "", you don't pronounce the 's' at the end of 'plus'.

Here is the fixed lesson:

Merci !

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