French Hallowe'en Vocab and Grammar

Joyeux Halloween!

How much Halloween French do you know? This fun exercise will test you on French Halloween vocabulary and grammar! Are you up to the challenge?

Halloween wasn’t actually celebrated in France until relatively recently, but it is becoming more and more popular, so knowing Halloween French vocab and phrases is important.  Whether you plan to be in France or not for Halloween, much of the vocabulary crops up in other places, not just on October 31st…

French Halloween Test Questions

These exercises get progressively harder, going up in CEFR Levels. How many can you get right? Use the reveal button to see if you are correct. You can listen to the French and see a relevant lesson too!

french for ghost is un fantôme

A1.1 – Absolute Beginner

How do you say these in French?

  1. There's a monster!
    = Il y a un monstre!
    Related lessons:
    Il y a = There is, There are
  2. Halloween is October 31st.
    = Halloween est le 31 octobre.
    Related lessons:
    Expressing dates in French


A1 – Beginner

What’s the French for:

  1. They are scared of the wicked witch.
    = Ils ont peur de la méchante sorcière.
    Related lessons:
    Avoir peur de = To be afraid/scared of
  2. It isn't scary at all!
    = Ce n'est pas effrayant du tout !
    Related lessons:
    Ne ... pas du tout = Not at all (negation)

Too easy? Let’s challenge you with some real French…

A2 – Lower Intermediate

Can you translate these into French?

  1. You were in the middle of making your costumes.
    = Vous étiez en train de fabriquer vos déguisements.
    Related lessons:
    Être en train de : expressing ongoing actions in the past
  2. You knocked over the cauldron of sweets on purpose.
    = Tu as fait exprès de renverser le chaudron de bonbons!
    Related lessons:
    Faire exprès (de) = To do something on purpose

Still getting them right? Hardcore! Time to get serious…


B1 – Intermediate

Starting to get tricky… how are these said in French?

  1. We should go door to door to get sweets.
    = Nous devrions aller de porte à porte pour avoir des bonbons.
    Related lessons:
    Conjugate devoir in Le Conditionnel Présent = should (conditional mood)
  2. When you come, you'll see the Halloween decorations.
    = Quand vous viendrez, vous verrez les décorations d'Halloween.
    Related lessons:
    Using Le Futur after "quand" and "pendant que" instead of Le Présent

If you’re still getting them all right, you deserve a Halloween high five! Let’s turn up the volume…

B2 – Upper Intermediate

These are wickeder than a wicked witch in a windstorm! What are they in French?

  1. I'm meeting you there at 6.
    = Je t'y retrouve à 6 heures.
    Related lessons:
    Direct object + y (double pronouns)

If got these right, you are a proper pumpkin on fire!

How far did you make it before making mistakes? Did you beat your friends?


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