French Writing Challenges - week one

We’ve put together some fun writing challenges for you to work on this weekend, which you should receive by email – if you’re subscribed to Kwiziq System Communications. (If you don’t have a Kwiziq account, register now to receive the next set of exercises. Premium accounts receive a new set every week, free accounts once a month.)

These are self-marked tests, so you’ll be shown the correct answers as you go and asked to score yourself against them. Once you’ve completed the exercise, you can come back to this post and take a look at the list of grammar topics tested. If you have questions please post them under the most suitable grammar topic (if it’s related to a specific point), or here or on the QandA forum for general questions. Don’t forget you can add any of the lessons below to your notebook(s) if you made mistakes in these areas during the exercises and then kwiz against them to strengthen the areas where you discovered you were weak.

A1 French Writing Challenge

NB: Click the test link sent to you by email to do this challenge! 
 “Like everyone, I’ve got a daily routine. Every morning, I get up at seven. I have a shower, I brush my teeth, and I get dressed in my bedroom. Around half past seven, I go in the kitchen to have my breakfast. Usually, I drink coffee and I eat toast with butter. I leave home at ten to eight.”

Here’s the French grammar you need to complete the exercise:

A2 French Writing Challenge

NB: Click the test link sent to you by email to do this challenge! 
“I had a super weekend! Saturday morning, I went to the market and I bought some fresh fruit and vegetables. Then, I went back home and, with my friend, we prepared a delicious meal. We enjoyed it very much! In the afternoon, I studied my French: I reread my lessons, I listened to the Kwiziq examples, and I did a lot of quizzes to practise. On Sunday, I spoke with my neighbour Marie: she’s French, so I was able to practise with her, and she corrected my mistakes. Now, I feel ready for my French exam!”

Here are the French grammar lessons you need to complete the exercise:

B1 French Writing Challenge

NB: Click the test link sent to you by email to do this challenge! 
“Next summer, I will go and spend two weeks in Paris! There, I will lodge at some friends’ who have lived in France for about ten years. First, I will visit all the touristic places that I’ve only seen in pictures. It will be magical! Then, obviously, I will taste all the delicious French food: Burgundy snails, frog’s legs, calf’s head… Well, maybe not the last one, I won’t have the courage [for it]! And when my friends are free, they’ll take me to have drinks in the trendy neighbourhoods of the capital, and they’ll introduce me to their friends who will help me practise my French, and I’m sure [of it], will teach me a lot of interesting expressions!”

Here are the French grammar lessons you need to complete the exercise:

B2 French Writing Challenge

NB: Click the test link sent to you by email to do this challenge! 
“This morning, I missed my plane to Paris! I know, it’s really dumb! Yet I’d organized everything: I’d packed my suitcases two days ago so I wouldn’t forget anything, I’d put my passport and plane tickets in my coat pocket, I’d rented a car to go to the airport, and I’d even prepared a snack in case I was hungry! But nothing happened as planned! The car I’d rented broke down: I had to wait for a taxi, which made me late. It’s my fault, I should have left earlier, and above all, I should have taken a taxi in the first place! Finally, by the time we arrived at the airport, my plane had already left! Farewell, Parisian weekend! Right now, I should have been drinking an espresso on a terrace, while eating a warm croissant that I would have bought at the bakery. Next time, I’ll be better organised!”

Here are the French grammar lessons you need to complete the exercise:

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J'adore les exercises! Continue avec plus dans le future!! Merci beaucoup.

J'ai adoré ces quizzes, geniale. Merci beaucoup

I've now finished all the tests. I have to admit I did much better than I thought i would do thanks to the quizzes I do everyday. Kwiziq has done more to get me thinking in French than any other online method I've tried.

That's such a lovely thing to hear! Merci beaucoup Christopher and everyone who's left such wonderful feedback. We're always so thrilled to hear it when our work makes such a difference to your learning! May I use this comment in our testimonials?

On ne sait jamais ce que vous ferez ! Quelle bonne surprise ! Merci beaucoup !

Moi aussi, j'ai adoré ces quizzes. Merci beaucoup !

Thank you so much for sending us "French writing challenges".
je les aime bien et j'espère que je puisse les recevoir encore. merci infiniment.

Bonjour à tous!
The exercises are great. Good bite sized chunks. What was missing was a score at the end. Perhaps an average. Si told me that this was all testing but the email didn't indicate this so it seemed to end abruptly. There wasn't a link back to the blog or note that easily guided the person on what to do next. I think it's a great idea and enjoyed doing the test. Cheers

Thanks Bel - glad you liked,. Yes, we'll see if we can work out a way to add a score. I also added a link at the end (Si told me your comments yesterday).

This site gets better and better. I really appreciate the amount of work you have all put into it.

Cette nouvelle exercise est super. Comment on peut poser une question sur les réponses?

Bonjour Karen, merci !

Vous pouvez poser vos questions ici.

Really enjoyed doing the translations. Great idea. Just struggled with accents on my keyboard which made it annoying! Learned several things!

These challenges are a great addition to the website and after trying one I can see that they are very useful for my French learning. I hope you continue with them.

Merçi infiniment d' ajouter les challenges. Je viens de les faire. Cela m'a fait penser activement et m'a permis d' ameliorer un peu, surtout dans le cas des temps conditionelles. Merçi beaucoup!

These are wonderful

Merci mille fois pour ces challenges. Je les ai beaucoup apprecié. Ils m'ont aidé à répérer mes points forts et mes points faibles.

C'est vraiment interessant......dites-moi s'il y a des écoutes aussi.